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Friday, September 30, 2005

Delay-ed reaction

I got a call this week from my son in the middle of the day.He was yelling something about Tom Delay. Finally, I got it. Delay is finally on the griddle. Good. 'bout damn time.

Of course, he's going to argue that this is just a partisan prosecutor -- a Democrat -- going after a good Republican. Sure. GOPers don't play that game do they? What was Kenneth Starr and the Whitewater investigation? Oh, yes. Impartial. How silly of me to forget.

So Delay is running for cover now, and trying his best to plead innocence. I hope this prosecutor has the gumption it's going to take to see this process through. Don't get me wrong, I'm not for prosecuting every Republican lawmaker. I'm for prosecuting any elected official who breaks trust with the American people because he thinks he's above the law. Democrat or Republican, male or female.

But there does seem to be a double-standard in politics. Democrats go to jail (or get impeached) for breaking laws. Republicans don't.

American taxpayers paid millions to investigate Clinton for seven years. Nothing was found, then the dumba$# goes and hands them something. He gets blown in the oval office and then lies about it. Geez. I still haven't forgiven him for that. He broke the trust -- not just of his family but the American people as well when he lied. Should he have gotten impeached? No. There shouldn't have been an investigation in the first place.

I've long said that former Oklahoma Gov. Frank Keating would be in prison today had he been a Democrat. I mean, come on. Oklahomans can't really have believed that a "friend" would be give him a quarter of a million dollars just because. Gene Stipe
spent his own money and that still got him in hot water, but he was a Democrat.

Anyway, my son was tickled pink to see Delay in some hot water. Yep. I raised a Democrat. Actually, I also raised a Republican (daughter). But neither one of them is so blinded by party loyalty that they can't judge each lawmaker on his/her actions. So I guess we just taught them to think for themselves.

As long as they cheer for the Sox to beat the Yankees, it's all good.

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