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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Thursday post #2 - meme

10 years ago - 1995. My husband and I were students at the University of Missouri. He had just retired from the USAF and was majoring in Geography, perhaps because we had lived so many places. I was intent on going to law school after I finished my political science degree and writng for the student newspaper for the $10 an article they paid and for fun. We were broke - so broke. Had a son in college with us, a daughter in high school and one in elementary school. We drove a Chrysler minivan that blew a stack of smoke so thick the cars behind us had to wait awhile before they could drive through.

5 years ago - 2000. I was working in Texas -- as a journalist. The dream of going to law school long set aside because I simply couldn't afford it. My husband was still in school. Our son had graduated and was still living with us. Our oldest daughter was in college in Missouri and our youngest was starting high school. We were driving a "vintage" BMW. We were still broke.

1 year ago - 2004. Our son and oldest daughter had both found mates and married. They all had moved to Oklahoma. Three grandchildren now. 3, 2, 1 years old. My husband finally graduated the year before with a degree in accounting, but he was still in the same job he had before he graduated. The youngest was in college in Texas. We had moved to Oklahoma and were doing well. Happy, friends, driving a new Chrysler (not a minivan)

Yesterday - Our son and his daughters now live on the west coast. Our oldest daughter is back in Missouri going to school. The youngest is taking time off again to find herself. Worked, blogged, looked for a full-time job, dealt with family crises - my dad fell and went to the hospital, my husbands cousin died and prayed. Broke again. It's a cycle.

5 snacks I enjoy - Popcorn, Ice Cream, chocolate chip cookies, pistachio nuts, and hummus with veggies

5 songs I know all the words to - Someone to Watch Over Me, Paying the Cost to be the Boss (BB King) Since You've Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson), Amarillo by Morning (George Strait)
and probably every old American folk song ever written.

5 things I would do with $100 million dollars - Buy a house, pay off my student loans, buy cars, travel (to Europe, back to Okinawa and Australia) buy my parents a house and full-time care.

5 places I would run away to - a ranch in Texas, Cancun, Jamaica, France, Australia, home

5 things I would never wear - Mink (I'm allergic), any T-shirt with racist symbols, underlying meanings or band logo, spandex or lycra, Flower print anything

5 favorite tv shows - Lost, Survivor, CSI, The Sopranos, Desperate Housewives

5 biggest joys - my three grandchildren, my children, an evening with friends, money (of course) and 20 + years with my soul mate

5 favorite toys - my computer, camera, my paints and canvasses, my hubby, and my kitchen (I like to cook)

5 people I tag - Gina, Bart, Cindy, Sylvia and anyone else who's never done this.

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