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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Stuff, stuff and movie reviews

That pretty much answers it, nobody is reading this blog. That means this is the equivalent of talking to myself, which I'm actually pretty good at. Though, not as good as my husband who's easy to track down in stores because I can usually hear him talking to himself in the next aisle. Handy though, since I tend to lose him in stores.

Oh well. The story of my life.

Today was a noneventful day. Really. We got up - late. And, then decided to go to the Asian festival at Will Rogers Park. By the time we got there, it was over. Finis. No one there.

So, we headed to Bricktown. My husband got excited when he saw the classic car show at the Bass Pro parking lot, so we stopped. By the time we parked, walked across the street and across the parking lot to the show, cars were moving. It was over. Finis. We missed another event.

So, we came home and cooked spaghetti. Friends called and asked us to go fishing Sunday (not my thing, but hubby loves it.) Unfortunately friends want to go in the a.m. We want to go to church since we missed last Sunday. Bummer. And, we have tons of stuff to do tomorrow since we goofed off today. We're heading to Oswego, Kansas (population 2,000 -- all related to my husband) for D's funeral. Hubby's only brother -- older -- is flying into Kansas City and will also be there. So that means we have to watch everyone fawn over the "general" and again my hubby will be made to feel like he's the younger brother who doesn't quite measure up. That most definitely won't be fun. His wife is not going to attend. Heaven forbid. Her cousin twice removed celebrates learning to braid her hair or some other lame "family event" and she's there. But she's just too elite for Kansas, after all she's the "general's wife."

OK OK , I'm bitter. But hey, I can say all this stuff here because no one is reading this anyway. I just get bitter because my hubby is the most wonderful talented, kindest person in the world and his only brother is the only person I know who doesn't like him. His loss. Jerk.

When he calls our house, and I answer the phone he says this is "insert first name and last name" like he's a stranger. I feel like saying "Yes, I know. I recognize the 'I have a stick up my ass' accent.

Enough venting. I'd better go unwind now with a glass of wine. by the way, last night we went to see three movies at the drive in. Great night - State Fair and football games made it quiet and nice out there. Red Eye was good -- second time we've seen it and still kept us at the edge of our seats. "The 40-year-old Virgin" had its moments, but was at least a half hour too long. "Four Brothers" -- excellent action film -- a bit violent -- and definitely not believable. I mean come on, who gets to kill the bad guys, a cop and shoot up half a neighborhood and walk away? Not likely and it sends the wrong message to any young person who might watch it. AND, they never answer the question outright about why someone would kill their mom. I mean, I know. But still...

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