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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Jobs, rain, and Tom Coburn, Katrina

Too many topics on my mind today -- including a song that's stuck in my head: "The Thrill is gone" by B.B. King

Jobs: Now I have a 20-hour a week design job to add to my multitude of writing gigs. This should be interesting, and will definitely make me a whole lot more organized due to time constraints. Remodeling will have to be a weekend job.

Rain: Rain is dreary, but it leaves my grass green, my trees green, my flowers green...rain is good.

Tom Coburn: Idiot. If I did a crossword puzzle when I was at a meeting, conference, etc. for my job. I'd be fired. I hope voters store this in their memory bank so we can fire this self-absorbed jerk in five years.

Katrina: Brown was right to resign. Now the good people of Louisiana need to get rid of their governor and other elected officials -- mayor of New Orleans -- who also failed them. Good to see so many Americans reaching out.

Time's up.

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