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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The state of my life

1. Good news today. Benign cysts for certain. Trying some stuff to "dissolve it" without surgery. No more needles for a while.

2. Cold is gone. I can return to my life. I even missed the office.

3. Made it to rehearsals, it's good to be back in Gridiron mode. Do you need tickets? Damn funny stuff.

4. Enjoying the granddaughters' visit. They are currently in their princess costumes. Life is still a fairy tale for them.

5. I must be mellowing, or the Prez was really pandering tonight. I actually agreed with a lot of what he said, not all, but hey, at least I didn't scream at the TV and shut it off half-way like I have the past five years.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I'm cold. Right now I've got so many layers on I feel like an onion. All the experts say layering is the way to go.

I'm still cold, and ice is still falling from the sky.

Anybody know what the temperature is like in Florida?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

What's in your closet?

Our son and his family are coming to visit for a couple of weeks. We decided that meant giving the girls their own private space in the "guest" room that my youngest daughter and her husband claimed as their own when they were here for an extended stay. Much of their stuff was still there, so we decided to pack it up and move it to the closet in the office. That meant moving the stuff in the office SOMEWHERE. Holy cow. First of all, we've got way too many clothes. And yet, we were the same thing every week and gripe we have nothing to wear. So we dumped it all out and are sorting through it today. In the meantime, I managed to neatly organize two closets and a dresser-full from the guest room into the office closet (big closets.)

Today the goal is to throw out stuff that we don't wear. Haven't worn it in a year --it's gone. Doesn't fit -- it's gone. Bought this when all three children still lived at home (12 years ago) -- it's gone.

Now, I just have to find a second twin bed. All the "Monkey Room" stuff is coming out of boxes and being revived in the guest bedroom during their visit.

I was so exhausted last night that I could hardly make it to the bed before I fell asleep. But I can't wait to see them. Just what the doctor ordered :)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Year - New look

I've decided that I'm going to upgrade the look on this blog. So, really I have no idea how to do this, but I'm planning, so be prepared.

Hubby also wants me to help him start a blog. Should be fun. I'll let you guys know when it's up and running.

On the previous post: Still sick. Still not talking. But thanks for the good thoughts.

I'll take any design tidbits that you have to offer...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Let's get the worst over with first

Fourth day of the year, and thus sucks.

I've got the mother of all colds. Surely, it's not the flu because I listened to my doctor earlier this week and got a FLU SHOT. Now I'm sick. Can't breathe, can't talk.

What took me to the doctor in the first place last week was the fact that the left side of my face ballooned. He thought it was an infection of some kind, gave me antibiotics. They made me sick. You know, nausea etc. But the swelling went down enough that I was able to enjoy the weekend.

But the big news I didnt' share with all was that I had found a lump on my left breast. So yesterday I had to go through the whole torture of the mammogram. Torture because I didn't realize until then just how much pain I had been feeling. It was excrutiatingly painful (if you're a guy, well just imagine...) The tech flipped out, the doc flipped out. Needle biopsy. Yeah, that sucker hurt too. So now, I've got a cold and sore boobs.

No word yet as to the results. No news is good news, right? Yes, I know this is a lousy way to let friends know about this, but it's easier than actually talking about it. And, no. I don't want to talk. Not yet. Not yet.

The good news is that if I get all the bad crap out of the way now, this year should just get better. I think I've convinced my boss to send me to a class in D.C. in the Spring. I love D.C. So I'll just think of cherry blossoms and take more pain meds.

See looking up already.