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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Things I learned this year

One more day left -- oops two more days left -- in 2005. Time to think about what I learned this year.

1. Don't get cheeky with an editor who can make your life miserable.

2. Being married to a 50-year-old is just as great as being married to him when he was 29, well that is if I can talk him out of the "I really need this two-seater sports car" idea.

3. Planning a wedding can be stressful enough to make you want your child to be gay -- oops Elton John did just get married didn't he?

4. Friends are wonderful. And there's nothing like a crisis in your life to separate the "real" friends, from the "I'm just your friend because I think you are in a position to make things a little better for me people."

5. Time passes way too quickly, and we need to cherish every moment -- good or bad -- of our life.

There's a lot more, but hey, I'll save those for the next trivia game.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Cleaning House

I think it's a practice we picked up in Japan, but every year we begin our "clean out" during the last week in December in preparation for the New Year -- a fresh start.

So, hubby decides to help out and clean out the bedroom. We throw stuff out or give away anything we haven't used in the past year.

I had lost a receipt that I needed, so I dig through a bag in the bedroom. What??? My nail polish was in there. Not just any nail polish, but the French manicure nail polish kit -- the whole kit.

I dig it out and put it back on top of my dresser. Two hours later, it's gone. I look in same bag. There it is -- back in the trash. So I confront hubby.

"You haven't used it in the last year." he says.
"How do you know? I think I have. It's my French manicure kit, I don't use all the time."
"You're not French," he says, throwing in back in the bag.

Yeah, well. In the past year, he hasn't ridden his mountain bike or used the golf clubs, or bow or electric saw or ...

The war is on.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Friday, December 23, 2005

Two days - actually one isn't it?

OK OK, I'm going shopping today. Yes, I know I'm nuts. Thank you for pointing that out.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Dear Santa - the Greedy List

Dear Santa:

This year I've been mostly good -- I've had some moments, but I'm sure you can overlook those considering how good I've been the rest of the year.

For Christmas this year, I would like:

1. A new mattress and box spring, heck a whole new bedroom set would be nice.

2. A car that gets 45 miles to the gallon.

3. To be chosen for that show -- "What Not To Wear" so I can learn how to "accentuate" my body and I can get a free wardrobe -- notice this is no cost to you of course.

4. Children who say, "You're the smartest person I know. Of course, I'll do that."

5. My dad to stay healthy and out of the hospital. I'm not ready to say goodbye yet.

6. A private jet.

7. A radio talk show.

8. A maid to come in one day a week and CLEAN my house.

OK, that's greedy enough. Thanks Santa. I know I'll be getting some of the above and I really appreciate it. By the way, have YOU been a good boy this year?

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas List No. 1

I say No. 1 because I'm sure as we get closer to the big day, I'll add to this list. Note: the "Christmas" instead of "Holiday" is not a tribute to O'Reilly. He's an idiot, but I still believe in Christmas. Friend reminded a few of us of The Maneater tradition of posting a Christmas wish list.
Some wishes are for me, others for friends:

1. A kidney for Sam
2. The Sonic Sunflower not only on a mug, but on a freakin' billboard announcing its arrival on comic pages across the nation for Christian.
3. At least one puke-free month in 2006 for the Diva
4. A high-powered job making lots of money for my friend KP
5. A better reading selection in her book club for Babs
6. A VCR or TiVo to record the next Sherlock Holmes Film Festival for Wordgirl
7. A conscious or a brain for Dubyah -- whatever will get our troops home faster.
8. Jobs for both closer to family for Brian and Robin
9. A job where she's appreciated for Nicole (yep, you.)

And last but definitely not least -- happiness, wealth and success for all my friends and family.
That's not too much to ask, is it?

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Things on my mind

Strike - My heartfelt sympathy for friends in the city. Hopefully, the transit strike won't affect your daily lives too painfully.

Texan - My husband commented last week that when we're traveling and go across that invisible barrier between the Texas and Oklahoma border, I change a bit. I more freely use "ya'll" and say things like "doesn't have a row to hoe" or "living in high cotton." He says I always hum "Deep in the Heart of Texas" as I look out on the expansive landscape. I'm not even aware that I do it. But I can say that I just can't help it. I love Texas. I'm not obnoxious about it, but visitors to my home can find subtle Texas symbols sprinkled throughout. And, yes. I do own a large Texas flag. It's where I'm from.

Being sick -- Hubby and I are fighting a cold. Well, I'm fighting. He's trying. He always gets sicker than I do. And, I'm trying to get better about getting upset with him for being sick. I don't know why I have this inane belief that you can "will" yourself to stave off illness. No. I'm not Christian Scientist. But I dig out the homeopathic stuff and say, "I'm not gonna be sick." So other than a slight earache and scratchy thoat I'm doing ok today. Hubby on the other hand, has a red nose, kleenex in hand and an asundry of medicines by his side.

Christmas -- I want to take down the tree, the lights and just skip it. Just found out today that S&A are going to go to HIS family's house for the holidays. That means just me and hubby. We'll have to think about that. Maybe, a trip up north might be just the trick to get me out of my holiday blues.

Monday, December 19, 2005

In case you weren't looking

In my last post, we all talked about how busy we were. That means a convenient time for lawmakers to pass laws when we're not "paying attention."

Today, "House lawmakers opened the way for oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and approved $29 billion for hurricane relief during an all-night session Monday bringing their legislative year to a close."

It was a bit hard for a lot of lawmakers to vote against this measure. Why? Because it was attached to a major defense spending bill, and had the hurricane relief amendment in there too.

Convenient isn't it? Lumping a whole lot of things together like that. Vote against it, and during your next campaign your opponents can say you voted against the war -- it will be done, just watch. Vote against it and your opponents can say you voted against hurricane relief.

Again, the Dems were asleep at the wheel when that amendment was added.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Shopping with the heathens

This has been a crazy week, and I can't believe it's exactly one week before Christmas. I have not one person's shopping finished on my list. So that's what we're doing this morning. Not going to church. Nope, shopping. I just don't want to try to do it this afternoon and this is the first chance I've had all week.

Monday, Tuesday:

Tried to cram as much work as possible into those days since I knew I was going to be gone Wednesday.


Drove to Texas for my son-in-law's dad's funeral. Now that's the kind of funeral I want when I die. It was at an African American Baptist Church. No shhh, we have to whisper and be respectful. Nope. A lot of celebration. He was going home. I liked that.


Back to work. But the big surprise was when I picked up my mail. A college graduation announcement from my "baby" sister. The event was Friday night -- in another Texas location -- at 7 p.m. So after much mulling, we decided to ask if we could get off again. I mean, this just wasn't practical to make two out of state trips in one week, especially because we planned to go back to Texas on Saturday to pick up my daughter who needed to stay in Texas a few more days. That night I attended a prerequisite "Jingle Mingle" for a professional organization, then stayed for an impromptu dinner at friends' house. It was nice. One glass of wine and I was done for, so we came home and went to bed.


Called parents and told them just got the invite, couldn't make it down. They got upset. I started crying. So I called hubby. Hubby calls me on my cell phone when I'm at a work meeting later that morning and tells me he can leave work - in 20 minutes. I go pick him up, call my boss and we go home and pack in 30 minutes (and eat lunch as we're packing.) We make it to graduation just in time to find a seat in the cheap seats (aka very high) and have an enjoyable evening.


Drive from parents house to another Texas destination, pick up daughter, drive back to OKC.


House looks like a tornado hit it. I'm behind at work. I've not even started the Christmas shopping, have more baking to do, and have to put together gifts for co-workers etc. AND plan Christmas dinner. Hence, the shopping trip this morning.

Miles logged on car; 697 Money spent: more than I could afford to spend Memories: priceless Stress: Tremendous

If Santa has any elves to spare, I could use them now.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Is this a sign?

Holy cow, it's only Tuesday and it's already been a weird week. Geysers in Oklahoma, and President Dubyah giving a journalist (albeit a top anchor) interview time.

Must be a sign of the apocalypse.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Still on a mission

Remember to send all your used lottery tickets to State Rep. Randy Terrill at:
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Room 337
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Life goes on. This week has been highs and lows. Our son-in-law's dad dying is the low. It's still not sunk in, and he's not cried yet. He will. The funeral is Monday, so we're trekking to Texas. The kids are already there.

Hubby turned 50 with much fanfare. His surprise party (I can finally mention it here) went off without a hitch. Hubby was appropriately surprised and I can quit lying. I hate lying, and felt like I was going to hell all week (the Baptist guilt thing.)

I was going to cancel the party due to S's dad's death, but S refused to hear it. He's planning to wear his new Navy uniform to the funeral, his dad would have been proud to see him in it.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Happy Birthday Hubby

Today is the big day. My hubby turns ---- (dramatic pause here) 50 years old today.

Yes, for those friends who are 20 years younger than us that does seem old. 50. Wow. Time goes by way too fast, and really we don't feel any different than we did 20 years ago. We have a few more wrinkles, and a little more around the waist and hubby has gray hair -- not completely but definitely less hair and more gray. It sort of freaks me out because I'll be following in his footsteps in a few short years. We like where we are in life. Finally finding our niche in our careers (remember these are still fairly new careers for us since we went back to college at your parent's age.) and being young enough to enjoy our grandchildren (and our children being out of the house or at least no longer our responsibiliity.)

But the numbers freak us out. 50 -- as one of our friends likes to remind us that's five decades, half a century.

But since no one is inventing a time travel machine that would make us go back to 25, then we'll just have to deal with it. We'll spend more money on facials and moisturizers and heck -- being 50 -- getting "old" sure beats the alternative. Happy Birthday hubby! We'll get through this one together.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Nuttier than a Christmas fruitcake

A Scrooge by any other name might be a Grinch, or state lawmaker Rep. Randy Terrill.

Terrill, a Republican, who started inundating the press room with news releases from the first day he set foot in the Capitol -- can we say campaigning for higher office? -- was "offended" by the use of discarded lottery tickets to decorate one of the small Christmas trees that line the hallways of the Capitol every year.

School children decorate the trees, each class choosing a different design. The newly passed "Oklahoma EDUCATION Lottery" had been the topic of study at the class, so the teacher hit on the idea of the lotto tree -- a gift of education.

Terrill, who opposed the lottery that the majority of Oklahomans voted for and approved, has hit a new low. He demanded the tree be removed. The teacher apologizes and then likened the decorations to using beer cans or pornography. Excuse me?

Terrill is the one who needs to apologize to the voters of Oklahoma and to the teacher and the class. He's gone way over the line of common sense on this one. It's one thing to pick up on every little issue to advance your career, but to tell children that a legal activity in the state that their parents likely voted for and even occasionally play is similar to pornography is unconscionable.

So I say, let's send him a message via lottery tickets. Send all your used lottery tickets to Terrill at
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Room 337
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

or call him and tell him what you think: (405) 557-7346

Saturday, December 03, 2005


Well, I edited my last post. Hubby -- who never reads my blog -- was reading it yesterday. I got him just as he started to read the page, and quickly pulled it down. Now he thinks I'm in the midst of some online fling. hee hee.

You just can't trust soon-to-have a birthday people...

Thursday, December 01, 2005

People watching and other stuff

Do you ever notice when you are at the mall or anywhere a crowd might gather that people who look alike hang out together?

Maybe they didn't all look like clones of one another at first, but they slowly transformed into one self. Frat boys all have the same uniform. Jocks do.

I especially like the "I'm trying to express myself and be an individual" look -- except that their friends usually have all the same random piercings, tattoos and spiked colored hair. Individuals, indeed.

Alas, it's Dec. 1 and I wrote hardly a word (of my novel.) My still unfinished novel is still all in my mind. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could somehow tap into our imaginations -- both at night and day and magically transform that into written words? Some very smart person once said that creativity is 3/4 motivation. So where did my motivation go? I'd prefer to think that maybe I was too busy doing more important -- at the moment -- THIS PORTION HAS BEEN EDITED -- And blogging...