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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Dear Santa - the Greedy List

Dear Santa:

This year I've been mostly good -- I've had some moments, but I'm sure you can overlook those considering how good I've been the rest of the year.

For Christmas this year, I would like:

1. A new mattress and box spring, heck a whole new bedroom set would be nice.

2. A car that gets 45 miles to the gallon.

3. To be chosen for that show -- "What Not To Wear" so I can learn how to "accentuate" my body and I can get a free wardrobe -- notice this is no cost to you of course.

4. Children who say, "You're the smartest person I know. Of course, I'll do that."

5. My dad to stay healthy and out of the hospital. I'm not ready to say goodbye yet.

6. A private jet.

7. A radio talk show.

8. A maid to come in one day a week and CLEAN my house.

OK, that's greedy enough. Thanks Santa. I know I'll be getting some of the above and I really appreciate it. By the way, have YOU been a good boy this year?


love the whitmer trio said...

That is all you want? well then, Of course I will do that, You are the Smartest Person I know! :)

That was an easy Christmas present to do! :)

Merry Christmas. Love,S

CISSY said...

I was talking about the other kid. Hee hee.

Babs said...

I could have a lot more fun if it wasn't for all this cleaning. I have asked Santa for a maid, too.

I'm also with you on the "What Not to Wear."