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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas List No. 1

I say No. 1 because I'm sure as we get closer to the big day, I'll add to this list. Note: the "Christmas" instead of "Holiday" is not a tribute to O'Reilly. He's an idiot, but I still believe in Christmas. Friend reminded a few of us of The Maneater tradition of posting a Christmas wish list.
Some wishes are for me, others for friends:

1. A kidney for Sam
2. The Sonic Sunflower not only on a mug, but on a freakin' billboard announcing its arrival on comic pages across the nation for Christian.
3. At least one puke-free month in 2006 for the Diva
4. A high-powered job making lots of money for my friend KP
5. A better reading selection in her book club for Babs
6. A VCR or TiVo to record the next Sherlock Holmes Film Festival for Wordgirl
7. A conscious or a brain for Dubyah -- whatever will get our troops home faster.
8. Jobs for both closer to family for Brian and Robin
9. A job where she's appreciated for Nicole (yep, you.)

And last but definitely not least -- happiness, wealth and success for all my friends and family.
That's not too much to ask, is it?


wordgirl said...

You're sweet! Actually...I have both a VCR and DVD player. The episode I was talking about happened about 20+ years ago. But I DO hope Sam gets what he needs...and SOON!

Babs said...

Thank you for thinking of me on your list! I did finish that book and just in time for the book club. The concepts are still floating and lingering in my thoughts.

More importantly, here's to Sam.

Redneck Diva said...

Has it been THAT long since I've read blogs????

Holy cow....thanks for asking Santa for a puke-free month for me. I asked for a printer and got one, so maybe if you're in with the big guy...well, February might be my month!