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Thursday, December 01, 2005

People watching and other stuff

Do you ever notice when you are at the mall or anywhere a crowd might gather that people who look alike hang out together?

Maybe they didn't all look like clones of one another at first, but they slowly transformed into one self. Frat boys all have the same uniform. Jocks do.

I especially like the "I'm trying to express myself and be an individual" look -- except that their friends usually have all the same random piercings, tattoos and spiked colored hair. Individuals, indeed.

Alas, it's Dec. 1 and I wrote hardly a word (of my novel.) My still unfinished novel is still all in my mind. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could somehow tap into our imaginations -- both at night and day and magically transform that into written words? Some very smart person once said that creativity is 3/4 motivation. So where did my motivation go? I'd prefer to think that maybe I was too busy doing more important -- at the moment -- THIS PORTION HAS BEEN EDITED -- And blogging...


Dustin said...

cute....i'll bookmark :)


Gina said...

It's too bad NaNoWriMo doesn't take place in March. It would be a great way for people to break out of the end-of-winter doldrums. And people just have more time then. There's no major national holiday to get in the way.