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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Cleaning House

I think it's a practice we picked up in Japan, but every year we begin our "clean out" during the last week in December in preparation for the New Year -- a fresh start.

So, hubby decides to help out and clean out the bedroom. We throw stuff out or give away anything we haven't used in the past year.

I had lost a receipt that I needed, so I dig through a bag in the bedroom. What??? My nail polish was in there. Not just any nail polish, but the French manicure nail polish kit -- the whole kit.

I dig it out and put it back on top of my dresser. Two hours later, it's gone. I look in same bag. There it is -- back in the trash. So I confront hubby.

"You haven't used it in the last year." he says.
"How do you know? I think I have. It's my French manicure kit, I don't use all the time."
"You're not French," he says, throwing in back in the bag.

Yeah, well. In the past year, he hasn't ridden his mountain bike or used the golf clubs, or bow or electric saw or ...

The war is on.

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