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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Things on my mind

Strike - My heartfelt sympathy for friends in the city. Hopefully, the transit strike won't affect your daily lives too painfully.

Texan - My husband commented last week that when we're traveling and go across that invisible barrier between the Texas and Oklahoma border, I change a bit. I more freely use "ya'll" and say things like "doesn't have a row to hoe" or "living in high cotton." He says I always hum "Deep in the Heart of Texas" as I look out on the expansive landscape. I'm not even aware that I do it. But I can say that I just can't help it. I love Texas. I'm not obnoxious about it, but visitors to my home can find subtle Texas symbols sprinkled throughout. And, yes. I do own a large Texas flag. It's where I'm from.

Being sick -- Hubby and I are fighting a cold. Well, I'm fighting. He's trying. He always gets sicker than I do. And, I'm trying to get better about getting upset with him for being sick. I don't know why I have this inane belief that you can "will" yourself to stave off illness. No. I'm not Christian Scientist. But I dig out the homeopathic stuff and say, "I'm not gonna be sick." So other than a slight earache and scratchy thoat I'm doing ok today. Hubby on the other hand, has a red nose, kleenex in hand and an asundry of medicines by his side.

Christmas -- I want to take down the tree, the lights and just skip it. Just found out today that S&A are going to go to HIS family's house for the holidays. That means just me and hubby. We'll have to think about that. Maybe, a trip up north might be just the trick to get me out of my holiday blues.


Anonymous said...

ooh do you mean to my up north? :) -s

CISSY said...

I was thinking Alaska.