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Monday, December 05, 2005

Nuttier than a Christmas fruitcake

A Scrooge by any other name might be a Grinch, or state lawmaker Rep. Randy Terrill.

Terrill, a Republican, who started inundating the press room with news releases from the first day he set foot in the Capitol -- can we say campaigning for higher office? -- was "offended" by the use of discarded lottery tickets to decorate one of the small Christmas trees that line the hallways of the Capitol every year.

School children decorate the trees, each class choosing a different design. The newly passed "Oklahoma EDUCATION Lottery" had been the topic of study at the class, so the teacher hit on the idea of the lotto tree -- a gift of education.

Terrill, who opposed the lottery that the majority of Oklahomans voted for and approved, has hit a new low. He demanded the tree be removed. The teacher apologizes and then likened the decorations to using beer cans or pornography. Excuse me?

Terrill is the one who needs to apologize to the voters of Oklahoma and to the teacher and the class. He's gone way over the line of common sense on this one. It's one thing to pick up on every little issue to advance your career, but to tell children that a legal activity in the state that their parents likely voted for and even occasionally play is similar to pornography is unconscionable.

So I say, let's send him a message via lottery tickets. Send all your used lottery tickets to Terrill at
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Room 337
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

or call him and tell him what you think: (405) 557-7346


Ceres said...

Good idea! I hadn't bought a lottery ticket yet, but now I might have to play just to take my frustration out on Mr. Terrill.

Gina said...

I should mail some New Jersey lottery tickets to that guy, just to stick it to him. What a scrooge!

CISSY said...

By all means from far and wide -- send your tickets to this man. (used of course, we wouldn't want him to win the lottery!)