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Monday, February 09, 2009

and a half....

Did you ever ask a child their age? If so, you probably got a "Five (anywhere from here to age 18) and a half," or "Almost six" as a response.

Ask an adult. You're not going to get the "...and a half" add on unless it's a 99 year-old waiting for a milestone birthday.

Definitely not from me. Because in a few days, I'll BE another year older. I don't want to add halves or any other number to that. Yes, I know the alternative is worse, but the shine has worn off the old AARP card and the discounts just aren't that great.

So, I'll stick to a slight nod and acknowledgement of the day and the jump in numbers and move on. No sense in dwelling on it.

Of course, I still want presents.