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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Shopping with the heathens

This has been a crazy week, and I can't believe it's exactly one week before Christmas. I have not one person's shopping finished on my list. So that's what we're doing this morning. Not going to church. Nope, shopping. I just don't want to try to do it this afternoon and this is the first chance I've had all week.

Monday, Tuesday:

Tried to cram as much work as possible into those days since I knew I was going to be gone Wednesday.


Drove to Texas for my son-in-law's dad's funeral. Now that's the kind of funeral I want when I die. It was at an African American Baptist Church. No shhh, we have to whisper and be respectful. Nope. A lot of celebration. He was going home. I liked that.


Back to work. But the big surprise was when I picked up my mail. A college graduation announcement from my "baby" sister. The event was Friday night -- in another Texas location -- at 7 p.m. So after much mulling, we decided to ask if we could get off again. I mean, this just wasn't practical to make two out of state trips in one week, especially because we planned to go back to Texas on Saturday to pick up my daughter who needed to stay in Texas a few more days. That night I attended a prerequisite "Jingle Mingle" for a professional organization, then stayed for an impromptu dinner at friends' house. It was nice. One glass of wine and I was done for, so we came home and went to bed.


Called parents and told them just got the invite, couldn't make it down. They got upset. I started crying. So I called hubby. Hubby calls me on my cell phone when I'm at a work meeting later that morning and tells me he can leave work - in 20 minutes. I go pick him up, call my boss and we go home and pack in 30 minutes (and eat lunch as we're packing.) We make it to graduation just in time to find a seat in the cheap seats (aka very high) and have an enjoyable evening.


Drive from parents house to another Texas destination, pick up daughter, drive back to OKC.


House looks like a tornado hit it. I'm behind at work. I've not even started the Christmas shopping, have more baking to do, and have to put together gifts for co-workers etc. AND plan Christmas dinner. Hence, the shopping trip this morning.

Miles logged on car; 697 Money spent: more than I could afford to spend Memories: priceless Stress: Tremendous

If Santa has any elves to spare, I could use them now.


Babs said...

That's a tough week anytime of year. During the Christmas season it's disastrous. If I see any of those elves I'll be sure to send them your direction.

Sherrie said...

Wow. I'll stop whining. I have four newsletters, a magazine, and a freelance story to pull off before Christmas, despite the fact that all contacts are university professors and probably long gone.

But your week tops mine. And all my shopping is finished. (ducking)

Gina said...

Yikes. And I thought a looming transit strike, labor-heavy news days (wars, Bush's speech, Sharon's stroke, trouble in South America, etc.) and last-minute trip preparations were bad. If I find any elves around here, I'll send 'em your way.

CISSY said...

Hey, I'll quit whining. I know everyone has lots of crazy stuff going on this time of year.

And, the alternative is not having anything at all to do. Don't know about you guys, but I'd rather have all the ups and downs of life than not having the opportunity.

But I'll still take the elves -- maybe they do windows.