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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Well back to the old grind after two days away. I've forgiven hubby for breaking the mirror. I feel tired today since life has been a nonstop drama lately.

The funeral was ok. Of course, the drama there was the preacher's words. D didn't go to church anymore, hadn't since college. He didn't feel it was right to go where people condemned his life as "evil." So on Monday, as he lay in his coffin we all looked at him as this preacher who never met D in his life went on and on about how D had faith and lived a Godly life etc. After the funeral, hubby and I talked and we both agreed the preacher had no right to say those things. It wasn't D, and the funeral was a farce. Aunt M, the 93-year-old woman who always thought of D as her son though he was really her nephew, broke down crying and said the same thing. It was hard on her to be completely left out of planning the funeral. "He wouldn't have wanted such a thing," she said. She's right. So we rebeled and the few who really knew D went to dinner and talked and shared some memories and stories. That seemed a much more fitting send off.

The other drama was deciding to tell some of the older relatives that our youngest daughter is getting married -- to a black man. Never mind that he's a sweetheart who treats her like a queen and works harder than most young men his age, the news went over about as well as we could expect. We had to tell them before they came to the wedding since we don't want any embarrassing moments. If our daughter is happy, we're happy, so they'll just have to get over their biases. "Kids these days just have no respect for what they've been taught and how they've been raised," one relative said. "We raised her to believe that all people are the same," we said. Not all people. Some are more closed minded than others.

Drama #3: Hubby's mom seemed so detached this weekend. The alzheimer's gotten worse. Hubby and his brother, who went on and on about his last trip to OKC -- never mentioning that he never bothered to call us when he was in town -- went to the funeral home and prepaid for their mom's funeral. Sad, but a necessary preparation.

Drama #4: Unveils today, as we see thousands evacuate from south Texas. My youngest brother is in college down there, and hopefully safely on his way up to Amarillo to my parents home. We have cousins and in-laws who also live there, I hope everyone is safe.


Gina said...

Hey, if he's good to her and she's happy, then no one else has a thing to say about it. Congrats!

Redneck Diva said...

I know what it's like to have family like that. Back when we were dealing with infertility and had decided to adopt through an agency that specialized in hard to place children, ie sibling groups and minorities, my Nana went off on a screaming tirade about us adopting a n---er. Ooohh I didn't speak to her for a long time over that one. I just don't know why today there are still people who have problems with the color of skin.