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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Football, free food and life's complications

Life gets more complicated everyday. My husband's cousin died mid-week and his brother went out to Colorado to claim the body to bring back to his home state for burial. It's Sunday and he's still waiting for the body to be released. The problem is this cousin has lived a separate life all these years, and while most of us younger relatives knew that his male "friend" was more than just a friend the older relatives who probably knew have never wanted to admit it. They have to admit it now. The "friend" who has legal power of attorney is not releasing the body to the family. So no matter how hard Cousin tried to keep his secret in life. In death, life is even more complicated.

Football -- All is well in Okieland. The Sooners won their game. Of course, the Tigers lost -- I told you our team loses a lot. But the Chiefs and Cowboys won, so it will be a good week.

Of course, knowing Sooners fans they'll all go into the office tomorrow morning and lament at how close the game was.

Free food -- Today was a rare "free food" day -- the kind of days my husband lives for. We went to brunch at a friend's house, then on to a meeting that included a bbq afterward. Free food is good...that's what college taught us.

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