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Friday, September 16, 2005

Why do I write?

A friend used to have posted on his computer a cryptic message: "Writing is like sex. First you do it for love. Then you do it for duty, and finally you do it for money." I liked the message another coworker had on his computer better: "I breathe, therefore I write."

Writers all like to think they have some divine gift -- insights into the human pysche that no one else has privilege to unless we enlighten them. Whatever.

Truth is most people haven't read your great novel or heard of it unless it was made into a movie. Then, they still don't know your name.

If you're a journalist, most readers don't read past the first three graphs. And your byline? Forget, they only look to see who wrote a story when they're pissed off and want to call your editor.

And blogs. I love my blogs. You would think since I write for a living, I'd find a different way to enjoy myself when I'm not "working." Wrong. But reality set in yesterday after I proudly finished my daily rant:

"Does anyone read that?" hubby asked, who has never read this blog himself.

"I think so, well...I know a couple of people do because we talk about stuff..." I said, hesitantly.

"Oh, so basically you're talking only to your friends?" hubby asked.

"I have more than a couple of friends," say I, with my writer's ego firmly insulted by now.

"Oh, I see," hubby says, walking away.

I was fuming. But I guess he's right. Is anybody reading this?


Gina said...

I read your blog every day! I just spent some time catching up after getting home from Missouri. And I know I'm not the only one reading. Never fear — your friends are here!

CISSY said...

Thanks Gina. Hope you had a great time this past weekend. I missed ya'll. Hey, I'm a copy editor/designer now. Love the job.

Gina said...

Ooh! Do tell! Please e-mail me so I can get your most recent e-mail address. Barb wants your address, too, and I promised her that I'd forward it...

Redneck Diva said...

I may not read every day but I read you!!

I love the quote the akins writing to sex. That's perfect. I just wish I was to the point where I was making money off of mine. The writing, not the sex, lol.

CISSY said...

You crack me up, Diva. You're writing is hilarious. I'd read your column if it was in a mag or a newspaper. Hmmm...