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Friday, September 23, 2005

Morning all..

Well, little brother is safe. He showed up at mom's with what few belongings he could cram into a rental car, girlfriend in tow (her folks are in Oklahoma). Don't know about everyone else yet, we couldn't get through on the phone lines yesterday.

Boom boom boom. Our house is near a busy street, and I'm so sick of people who think they can't drive their vehicle without sharing their music -- bass -- with the whole world. I'm not impressed that you spent a fortune on an entertainment system that you can only use when you are in the car, and that will be outdated as soon as the next one comes along, and that tells me you are so insecure about yourself that you have to show off to the world that "hey, I listen to music..." idiots.

I guess I'd better go finish that article that was due at 5 p.m. yesterday. But it's so much more fun to write random thoughts....


Silver Fox said...

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Babs said...

Hey Cissy, if it makes you feel any better those idiots live in small towns too. We have several "drive-bys" everyday from those that think we want to hear their music and our windows rattle.

kgpmusing said...

Dearest Cissy, Hi there! I have been enjoying your blog! Tell Hubby friends do read it, too, but I'm sure many others do also. Glad little brother is okay. This is Okierant. I'm so inspired by your blog that I'm going to start my own. Hubby had to work today, but I'll probably call you in a bit. I'm sorry about the mirror and the small-minded family members and hubby's brother. My own big brother doesn't even contact me. It is sad when your own sibling is not there for you. That's why friends are my family here in Oklahoma (you guys especially), plus my hubby's wonderful sisters and parents. This is the first blog I've really read before with the exception on running blogs on St. Kitts. Sometimes, that's the only way you can get information that the government can't filter out. Much Love, Okierant (I hope to get my blog published later today).

Gina said...

If I had a buck for every time I heard unwanted music coming out of a car driving by my apartment in the last five years, well, I'd have a lot of extra money.

The only time I've really enjoyed hearing loud music around here was when a guy pulled up to a nearby stop sign blasting the big band classic "In the Mood." Some kids on the corner simply did not know what to make of him. Classic!

CISSY said...

Why didn't I think of that? Blast them back with great music! I'm thinking the soundtrack from "Oklahoma!" Yep. I've been in OKC too long now.