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Monday, September 26, 2005

Addict uncovered

I'm an addict. I've known for a long time that I have an addictive personality so I stay away from harmful things like drugs and gambling. I consume alcohol only in small amounts -- well that's because I don't like being drunk. Why? Because I'm a control freak and when you're drunk you are NOT in control.

So what am I addicted to?

Lots of things: Television for one right now, which is weird because I never watched television when my children were younger. Now I LIVE for Survivor and Desperate Housewives and Gray's Anatomy and...

Blogging: It's getting worse folks. Brace yourself.

Spider Solataire: Yep. I'm wasting my time. I'm supposed to be in the middle of this big project -- writing a textbook with a professor from Mizzou -- and what do I spend my time doing instead when I KNOW I should be working? Blogging or playing solataire.

Well that's because my husband the sports addict -- much worse than I -- is in the throes of Monday Night Football and I dare not interrupt. It's the Chiefs -- his favorite team, so if I dare mention that CSI Miami is on, I risk losing a limb.

I guess I could go do the dishes...nah.


kgpmusing said...

Hey Cissy,

Don't beat yourself up! Hubby and I both bought games this weekend! I got a PC role playing game and hubby got an Xbox game. Sigh! So much time, so much entertainment! I managed not to play last night. I was tired. Had a crappy day, we'll got have lunch and will discuss more. Always, KGPmusings

CISSY said...

Lunch sounds good. I think I owed you a phone call yesterday. I'm sorry -- was at work by 4 a.m. so I was exhausted by noon. Same schedule on Wednesdays (I actually am done by 11). I do want to visit, so much to catch up on...