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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Girls just wanna have fun

Someone once said 'There's no such thing as too much fun." I beg to differ. I'm having what's lining up to be a "too much fun" weekend. It starts tonight.

My husband says I'm becoming the queen of the free movie pass. I've become proficient in spying the small print notices about picking up a free pass to a movie sneak peak, so we've seen first run movies for free all summer. Not that it's easy, it takes hard work. I grab the paper and scan it for freebie offers, and then have to plan my day so I can get to the designated place at the right time. Well, worth it. I think movie prices are way overblown anyway, and my husband was tired of going to the dollar movie theatre, so now we're regular sneak peak attendees. Tonight we're seeing "A history of violence."

Tomorrow night, and this I'm so excited about, we're going to see "Moving Out," or is it "Moving On." Whatever, Billy Joel music, so it will be cool.

Saturday we're helping some friends celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. How great is that!?

Sunday -- this one is tricky. Get up early, go to church. Come home, pick up daughter, go to bridal show. While I'm gone, hubby will be cooking a wonderfully delicious gourmet meal for us and friends who are coming over to our house around 5 p.m. In between the bridal show and the 5 p.m. meal, we're heading to Edmond for a quick visit to the UCO Jazz Lab to hear D.C. Minner et. al. play blues. Then back home, dinner with friends, and then over to a coffee shop to listen to
for some more blues.

As I said, too much fun...

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