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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Looters vs. Finders

Once again, I'm in shock at the national media. I'm a writer. I consider myself a journalist. So some would think I'm part of the media. But the "national media" sometimes makes me cringe.

While we hear of the thousands of Hurricane refugees who are literally starving to death, there is a definite difference in how the media is reporting on people. The Associated Press moved two photos this week. One of a black man describes him as looting. Another of a white couple talks about them "finding" bread from a grocery store. Here's a link to the photos:

On the side of fairness however, I've also seen reporters that have allowed themselves to be human in front of the camera. Many are becoming the instruments of help -- for a woman who was separated from her two-year-old boy to others who simply need help. So kudos to those reporters who are there and willing to go out on a limb to do what they can to help those people.

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