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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Long weekends

Good news: Our son is doing better. He switched doctors after the first one diagnosed him without seeing the test results. He does not have cancer. He is however, still sick, without an explanation. More tests this week, still waiting for results.

Other topics:

I like long weekends usually, except when I have looming deadlines for articles and can't get in touch with anyone because their long weekend started a day or two before mine. And, since I'm a workaholic, I have to find things to keep busy to keep me out of trouble.

Friday: Had a nice dinner with friends. Poor folks have been without operating air conditioning for a few days now, so they were glad to have the a.c. We were glad to have the company. And, they brought a lovely housewarming gift -- a Lifestyler cardio fit or something like that. I'm gonna use it really, but after trying it once, I decided the name "lifestyler" was too nice for what is obviously an ancient torture device. I think I'm gonna dub it the Kruger -- as in Freddy for those of you who never watched 80s movies. Really, guys. We like it. No more excuses like "it's too hot" for not going on a daily walk. It's the walk or the lifestyler, I mean, the Kruger. Which would you choose?

Saturday: Painting, sawing, hammering. Fun day. The "monkey room" is on it's way to becoming a reality. Before the weekend is out, I have to create a tree and grass for the jungle effect. Every room in our house has a moniker: the Flamingo room, the Tiger room, the boom boom room etc. Hubby went to Texas to pick up our soon to be son-in-law. Nice kid. We're going to spend a few days getting to know him. Poor kid.

Today: Doing as little as possible. My arms and butt hurt from the Kruger and the walking and the trips up and down the ladder.

But I still have to stay busy. Today, I think I'm going to see Madagascar at the $1 movie theater. I've just got to figure out when the least amount of kids might be there.

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