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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Oklahomans, Sooners and Madagascar

Heard on the news today that hundreds of volunteers from Oklahoma were turned away at Falls Creek. They had turned out to help set up the place for refugees from Hurricane Katrina. Too many had come to help. Nice problem to have -- just shows what great people Oklahomans are -- and that's a HUGE compliment coming from a Texan.

OK - if I have to hear one more time what a "tragedy" the Sooners experienced over the weekend, I'll barf on someone's crimson flag. Dang people. There's more to life than a stupid football fan. And, coming from Texas, it's just a given, I'm a big football fan. But it's just a damn game -- get over it and think about the real tragedy that has just hit this nation. You got it, I'm not a Sooners fan. But I do cheer for them when they play other teams. Well, except when they play Mizzou. That's my team, and it loses a lot. But I'm still a fan, and it's just a damn game.

By the way, the Tigers won this past weekend. :)

Madagascar -- I don't know what possessed me. Well, maybe the fact that our 21-year-old daughter is now living with us and despite the fact that she's 21, she still has the 13-year-old attitude that made me want to get out of the house. Anyway, Hubby and I went to see Madagascar -- at the dollar theater on 50-cent night. The jungle sounds coming from the two foot and under crowd were scarier than anything you might hear in the jungle. Cute movie. Never again.

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