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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sports Fever

Most people look at me and NEVER think sports fanatic. But my most favorite job was when I was a sports reporter at The Missourian. Priceless.

Right now we Oklahoma City residents are definitely on a sports high -- well, not if you are a Sooners fan.

NBA -- First let me say, I'm very sorry about the way this happened. I'd prefer we still be begging any pro sports team to come here rather than having had a devastating hurricane be the reason we got a chance to be the home city for a team.

That said...The Hornets are calling OKC home! That's exciting. I've been singing the praises of this town ever since I moved here three years ago. This is an absolutely exciting opportunity for others across the nation to get to know a small city that has a lot on the ball. Just in the past three years, the changes in the downtown area have been amazing. That taxpayers are willing not once, but three times, to say "yes" to a tax to improve their city and their schools says a lot about the people here.

Yes, we've already called and gotten on the list for tickets. Can't afford 'em, but gonna do it anyway. It's a pro sports team -- here.

Baseball -- Damn the Yankees won their game today -- my apologies to all my NY buds -- but I'm a huge Red Sox fan. The teams are tied for first in their division! And the St. Louis Cardinals are top of their division. So life is good in baseball.

Football -- Plan to catch at least one Cowboys and/or Chiefs game this season. I'm not predicting any winners there, especially after the painful loss Monday night to the Redskins. Ouch. But gotta cheer my teams on.
Now if the Tigers just beat the Jayhawks in Kansas this year, all will be well... Mizzou-RAH!


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Gina said...

Fear not. I'm no Yankee fan. I love to see Boston win!

DuncanDemon said...

You Rock!