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Monday, October 31, 2005

Haunting the Zoo

Another Halloween down. This was a fun one. We skipped a party Saturday night because it might have proven to be too much fun, but really because hubby doesn't like costume parties. It was ok. We actually needed the night to rest because Sunday and tonight we volunteered for "Haunt the Zoo".

Tonight wasn't bad, slow night.

Sunday was hectic and we were worn out afterward.

Several observations from this week:

Some parents spend an awful lot of money on their children's costumes.

Some parents spend an awful lot of money on their own costumes.

Hardly anyone makes their costumes any more.

Cell phones should be prohibited. We saw so many parents so busy talking on their cell phones that they were virtually ignoring their child. With thousands of people around, this is not a good time to be distracted as a parent. I felt sorry for the kids.

Most popular costumes: Spiderman, the Thing, Mr. Incredible for boys, followed by the Ninja Turtles (still?), firemen, policemen, or race car drivers.
For girls: Princesses, Tinkerbell, and witches followed by kitty cats, unicorns etc. I didn't see one little girl firefighter.

Or Supreme Court Justice nominee for that matter.

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~Lil Nance ;> said...

LOL!!! On the Supreme Court Justice thing! I was amazed at what they wanted for a costume!! I said heck no and we went with a homeade one... it beat everything I saw last night!!