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Sunday, October 09, 2005

More sports


Seems some people are getting their shorts in a bunch because the Hornets coach is telling OKC folks he likes it here. Then he's telling New Orleans folks, the team is going back.

Well, what the heck did you expect him to say. Oklahomans are thrilled to have the Hornets. But we need to chill before we scare these folks out of here. They can't make promises right now without appearing insensitive to New Orleans, but Shinn is saying what people want to hear. He's probably wrong in doing that, but he's trying too dang hard to make everyone happy.

Truth is our minor league hockey team has more regular fans attending games than the Hornets did in New Orleans. Truth is the team probably was shopping around for a place to go. No one wants to say that, but everyone knows it's the truth.

OKC need to concentrate on filling seats, making the guys welcome and well, if they decide to stay then great. If they feel obligated to go back to New Orleans, we've still made an impression that the NBA or other professional sports are not likely to forget.

Baseball: So long to my Red Sox until next year. Go Cards.

Football: How 'bout them Mizzou Tigers? And, yep. I was just a little proud of Texas.

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