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Thursday, October 13, 2005

33 hours and counting...

Before the "I dos" of my daughter her fiancee. I'm SO exhausted. I don't know what I'm going to wear. I had to call into work and tell them I just couldn't make it today. Really. Wedding crises...too many.

No. 1: They go get their marriage license. Guess what. No can do. Her license is expired. They don't take college i.d.'s as substantial proof that you're you. So in a few we're going to the DMV to stand in a long line and get a state i.d. because she doesn't have time to take a driving test today.

No. 2: Dress alterations. They screwed up. Really. Now the off the shoulder straps fall way off her shoulder and she's hysterical. So, guess who gets to fix it. Me. God help me -- beading.

No. 3 -- Guests start arriving today and my house looks like a tornado hit it, and there's no food in the fridge. No sleep for me today.

I didn't even get to watch "LOST" last night. Thank God for T-VO -- that's a whole post in and of itself. I'm going to watch t.v. all day Sunday.

Bright spot today? Four-year-old little redhead will be at my house this eve. Yeah!

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Gina said...

I'm not a doctor, of course. But as your friend, I'm going to write you a prescription: Make an appointment at a spa somewhere so you can be pampered after the wedding. You deserve it!