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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Life's little challenges

I've been reading the Diva's blog this morning and it made me laugh. She handles life's little challenges well, and it's good to know that we're not in this alone.

Because this week, I've been feeling so sorry for myself. For what, you ask? I actually have to get out of my car to open the garage door.

Up until last week we had a garage door opener. But last Friday, our daughter had just backed out of the garage and the door was coming down. Hubby and I were inside and we heard a large snap and then crash. Because our driveway faces a very busy street, we had visions of our daughter -- ok, ok, we're worried about the new car too -- being crushed by some speeding motorist as she backed out.

But no, it was the cable to the garage door opener. The spring went flying across the room and hit the opposite wall. Crash. No garage door opener.

And because we're in the midst of paying for a wedding reception, we just can't fork over the money to pay for a new opener.

But Diva made me realize that we were lucky. We've had so many outlet explosions in the last few weeks, that it's lucky there's been no fire.

Life's little challenges. God's little blessings.

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