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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sad Revenge

Six people are now in custody in the death of Sgt. Jonathan Dragus. They didn't shoot him, stab him, or directly do bodily harm to him, yet at least one of them is charged with Dragus' murder. But is it really murder, or is it the Oklahoma City police seeking revenge for what is unquestionably a tragic death?

Dragus was chasing a motorcycle that Kyle Crider was driving. No question, the motorcycle was trying to elude police. Where was his backup? Why not get a license plate number? Why do police insist on high speed chases? But that's what Dragus did and nine minutes later, a pickup pulled in front of him at an intersection, he swerved and he lost control of his police cruiser, careened across the expressway and struck a light pole.

Crider claims he was so far ahead of the police cruiser that he didn't know an accident had occurred. He turned himself in. Crider definitely should be charged with the crimes he committed, but murder?

One can safely assume if the cruiser was involved in a high speed chase, there were lights and sirens, why is the driver of the truck who went into the cruisers path not the one charged with manslaughter? That driver left the scene of the accident.

Does the police officer bear no responsibility for his own decisions? Does he bear no responsibility for his own driving mistake?

Everyone involved in this made poor decisions, from Crider to Dragus.

I know it's harsh to say that, but this isn't the first time this has happened. If the Oklahoma City police department is going to continue its policy on high speed chases, do they provide adequate training on how to drive the cruisers fast through city traffic and obstacles?

The policy needs to be reevaluated before the safety of other police officers and the public in general continues to be put at risk.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? No person with even an ounce of intelligence can sit there and say that Kyle Grider (do your research, its Grider, not Crider) is not responsible for the death of Sgt. Dragus. Everyone knows that if you run from the police, it is their job to run after you. So he knew that if he ran, not only would be be putting himself in danger, but he would be putting the lives of dozens of others in danger as well as Sgt. Dragus. I can't believe you would advertise your idiot opinion on this. Clearly you have no clue what you are talking about and don't put any value on those who dedicate their lives to serve and protect us so that we can enjoy our lives the way we should. In short...shut up!

CISSY said...

Clearly, everyone's entitled to their opinion.

I would dare say insulting people and telling them to shut up doesn't win any points, or issues.

My point was that if the policy is not changed another life will be lost. And it has.

It might not have been a police officer this time, but in the past week two other people have died as a result of a high speed police chase. One was at fault for running from police, the other was an innocent woman who left a family because she was caught in a wreck caused by a chase. All life has value, not just those of the men and women we pay to protect us.

Think about it -- if you hear sirens and don't look before you cross into an intersection and crash with a fire truck or a police cruiser (not in a chase but on its way to an emergency) would you not be found at fault? Of course you would. Moving out of the way of an emergency or police vehicle is the Law.

There were a lot of factors involved in this. I'm not defending Mr. Grider's actions by any means. I just don't believe his actions warrant a "murder" charge.

~Lil Nance ;> said...

I have to agree with you Cissy. I'm not saying I agree with his actions, but I don't think it warrants a murder charge. And yes... what about the other driver who isn't being charged with anything? There were a lot of factors involved. While a suspect may make the decision to run... the officer makes the decision to chase. The suspect and the officer are putting INNOCENT people in danger. The officer should be able to make a decision no to chase, this way he isn't putting himself in harms way nor is he putting the public in danger. I respect law enforcement, when they use proper judgement, what I don't respect is the glory bestowed upon them wether they are right or wrong, nor do I enjoy knowing that MOST officers on the street do NOT have proper training for most of their circumstances... especially in small communities.

Anonymous: Mr. Grider is not responsible. But that is my opinion, just as you have yours. There is a way to give your opinion without being rude, but since you chose not to do so, may I suggest this... If you want to be tacky enough to post something the way you did, wanting to be heard... have the guts to sign your name. For a matter that seems so important to you, you sure don't want to be known for it.

Anonymous said...

YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT! Its easy for you to sit in your white picket fence house and armchair quarterback something you have no fucking clue about. I have some advise for you. I dont tell you how to mow yards when you are at your job, so dont comment on something you have no clue about. Second, you should hope that an officer would chase someone who just committed a crime against you. I guess though your the same one who would bitch if they didnt chase someone who committed a crime against you. If you have a comment about police work that you know nothing about, get off your fat ass, graduate a police academy (If you could) and go do the job yourself..