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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Good thing the guest room's empty

Normally, I'm not the jealous and overly crazed type of wife. But for whatever reason, the mere mention of my husband's ex-wife drives me crazy. I don't want to remember that there was anyone ever before me whom he thought he could spend his life with. Never mind that we've been married for more than 20 years, it still drives me nuts. And, for the record. I DON'T mention my ex-husband. EVER. Neither one of us keeps in touch or knows where the exes are, but it still bugs me.

So I'll share what happened:

Redneck son-in-law starts making jokes about new son-in-law going to boot camp, and how he can't have sex during boot-camp -- prohibited by some rule, he says. (Don't know where he gets his information -- I've never heard that.)

New son-in-law laughs and says he's going to be in Illinois and new bride is not going to be with him until tech school.

Redneck son-in-law says that the military says you can't have sex while you're in tech school.

So up pipes hubby with, "I saw my wife -- uh, ex-wife during basic and she was with me during tech school."

EXCUSE ME?! He brought up the ex-wife during a conversation about sex???

I was pissed. Of course, he didn't realize it until he tried to get into bed Sunday night. His pillow and blanket were already on the guest bed.

In 20-some years, he's never been relegated to the guest bed. But dang it, I'm mad.

So last night, he tried to apologize. 'Hon, it's you I love and you are more sexy than she ever was.'

MORE sexy? That would imply first wife was sexy. Second night in guest bed.

I'm tired of being mad, and I don't like sleeping alone. But dang it, I want a honest to goodness, "I don't even remember her, except she was ugly and snored and... and I must have been out of my mind or drunk when I married her." apology.

It's going to be a long week.


~Lil Nance ;> said...

Good luck sister!! Those ex's can sure start some... "trouble"!

thanx for visiting my blog! I can see I will be stopping by here more often!!

Babs said...

Yikes! Not a good way to start a week. Good luck, Cissy.

CISSY said...

Nancy: Thanks. I think I'm over it. Husband's have a way of saying stuff that make us mad -- and they really don't have any clue as to why we're angry. Most of the time, he's great. So I guess I'll keep him. :)

Babs: Thanks for the encouragement! You know in my daily life I would NEVER gripe about my hubby, even though some of my friends do read the blog. It's kind of nice to vent once in a while. Good to know someone's listening!