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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Going to the chapel...

First it was March 11. Then it was August something or the other. Then it was Nov. 26 this year! Now it's next Friday -- Oct. 14.

We're talking wedding dates here. My daughter and her fiancee have changed their date so many times, that I want to scream. We're totally ticked off that they decided to go to the JP's office next week instead of having the wedding at the Capitol as planned.

"We decided to save money, it was getting so expensive..." Well, it's still expensive. Now we're just doing everything really really fast. Ok, so no bridesmaids or groomsmen is a good thing. No tuxes. Good. But we still have a wedding dress that has be to altered in less than one week! We're planning a small reception at our home now ($3,000 savings) so that's good.

So maybe they were right. I'm still ticked off about it, but at the same time understand why they want to get married before he goes off to boot camp. I don't think the realization that he's going to be GONE almost the whole first year of their marriage has hit them yet.

So now, I have to run. I have to go order some flowers and a cake, and napkins with their names engraved -- because this is our youngest child and she can't get married without us making a big deal out of it, even if she's going to the j.p.'s office. Cool thing -- her dad gets to give them the oath and sign the marriage certificate since he works at the court. Pretty cool.

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