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Friday, March 31, 2006

What would Willie Do?

That's the message on an ad that runs regularly in Texas Monthly. It makes me laugh every time.

We're taking the train to Fort Worth in a few hours, will get to there about noon, drop our bags off at the hotel and find a comfortable bar to settle into for the afternoon. We'll mosey on over to the Stockyards and Billy Bob's later to hear Willie sing.

The last Willie Nelson concert I attended was a little more than 21 years ago. He's one of kind and his voice always gives me a thrill. The voice is not as strong as it was back then, but I'm sure he'll be great. We're really looking forward to it.

My husband is a Willie fan by marriage. He never much liked country music, and really we still don't listen to it that often. OK, I listen to it on Saturday mornings when I get up early and I turn the television on to CMT and watch country videos until one of them makes me cry, then I turn it off. (How's that for a run-on sentence?)

There's just some musicians that Texas loves - Bob Wills, Willie Nelson, George Strait. I remember there was a station back in Amarillo that had a rule -- it had to play one George Strait song every hour. There's enough of 'em.

Strangely enough, Texans also seem to love ZZ Top. Really. Their concerts sell out fast. I never could figure that one out.

I'll post on Monday and tell ya'll about the trip. This one should be interesting. I'm going to Texas (home) with a whole bunch of non-Texans (foreigners, a couple of Oklahomans, a Kansan, a Michigander, etc.)

The big debate among all who are boarding the train is the appropriate time to start drinking. We board at 8:30 a.m.. Surprisingly, the train starts serving liquor at 10 a.m. I'm of the mind that we should be sober when we check into the hotel. (Keep in mind, we all talk a way better game, and one drink usually does most of us in.) The debate rages, and there's only one thing left to do...ask ourselves, "What would Willie do?"


Scott said...

One of my few regrets is that I left Austin without ever seeing Willie Nelson. Alas...

Anonymous said...

soooooo, you should be back by now, do you remember any of it? hehe.