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Monday, March 27, 2006

Spin City

So the doctor says I have yet another inner ear infection. First sign of the returning affliction was Saturday. I've had vertigo. That means the earth around me spins (yes, I know it does that anyway, but this time I actually feel it.) It stinks. I've never been one who actually liked being drunk because I don't like that wobbly feeling. This is for free, and it's not pleasant.

So for now I'm on antibiotics again, and motion sickness medicine. So I'm only feeling the spin effects every now and then. This so sucks. I hope it's all gone by the weekend since we're planning a big trip.

Though there's a nasty dark cloud over the planned weekend trip. And, I count my little spinning problem as merely a minor inconvenience.

A friend who was among those making the trek to Willie at Billy Bob's this coming weekend has had a tragedy in the family. His mom was seriously hurt in a car accident in Tulsa late last week. She's alive and they don't expect any brain injury, but the rest of her body is not so great. Broken just about everywhere. It's amazing how one thing can change the course of your life. Puts the really important things and events in our life into prespective. Our prayers are with the family.

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