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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Family and friends and rain

Isn't the rain great? I know some folks down south of us have had too much rain, and I hope that stops. But here, it sure is hard to complain about rain -- even if it is cold.

Had a nice St. Patty's Day. We ate corned beef, cabbage etc. I tried a new recipe this year and it was quite yummy. Daughter No. 2 came over later with her dogs, which kept us amused the rest of the evening.

We had the option of going to Bricktown and raising cain and a few glasses of beer with some friends, but we enjoyed the quieter option.

Friends are a complicated thing right now. Some friends we feel have "dumped" us, and it's hurt our feelings. Mostly I guess, because we haven't had very close friends for a long time. Not since hubby left the military. Those friends we're still very close too -- well, as close as you can be when you live hundreds of miles apart.

But we're expanding our horizons and trying to accept more invitations and make new friends. The only problem there is that we like doing things "together" and we find that some of the couples like doing things apart. Not that we don't ever do things apart, just most of the time we like to do things together. Is that weird?

Anyway, I'm rambling now. Daughter and I did go out (sans husbands) today and watch the Geisha movie. She had read the book and was disappointed -- that's the way it always is. Movies never live up to books. Or rarely.

The dogs came over again. It's getting to be a habit. The big dog was funny when our cat hissed at it, the poor dog started crying and looked pathetic. He's four times bigger than the cat, but he's a big baby. Little dog likes to bark at the cat, which really makes the cat even more annoyed that we've allowed dogs to invade its territory. I almost - almost - came home with a black lab of my own today. We were at Pet Smart, and they had some for adoption.

I talked to our granddaughters on Friday. Our son called and said they wanted to talk. Keep in mind they are three and two, so conversations aren't exactly coherent. But one thing was clear. Talking to me was just a pathway to their real goal..."Is Papa there?" Ah yes. Papa is clearly the favorite. Story of my life.


DebbieDoesLife said...

Making couple friends is a very delicate business. Many times we only really like 1/2 of the couple. Or, the couple just isn't truly compatible with us.

Sherrie said...

We do stuff with couples, but honestly, the guys just hang out on our porch while the girls are inside gossiping and drinking wine.

I know some couples do stuff separately. Occasionally, we do too. But like you guys, we'd rather hang out together.

It stinks that we all can't live closer, and hang out together more often.

Babs said...

Friends are always complicated. I do wish you good luck on finding a match, though. I do understand that it is possible:)

CISSY said...

DDL- It is! You wouldn't think it would be that hard as adults. And, this wasn't so much an issue when we had three children at home that ran us ragged taking them to football, swimming, music lessons, scouts etc. Now, we actually have time. But it's nicer I guess to have some really close friends, than a lot of "kind of" close friends.

Sherrie -- That's what I like about some of the couples we do hang out with -- we all like the same things. Not to say that sometimes we don't do the guy/gal split. Not always so bad to do that, but still. We'll have to plan a get together. Come on down for a visit.

Babs - I was whining. We do have some great friends here. Some complicated relationships, but then that's always better than boring.