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Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Academy

Jon Stewart did fairly well at the Academy Awards -- as a host. He's no Billy Crystal, but then again thank goodness he's no Whoopee either.

My favorite part of the evening was when "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" won best song. Bravo. Hustle and Flow is still one of my favorite movies of the year.

I was glad to see Clooney win one tonight too. Best actress should have gone to Felicity Huffman or Theron. I like Reese Witherspoon, but she plays basically the same character in every movie. I did like her speech though.

Ah well. Tomorrow we'll get to thinking about things that really matter.

What was your favorite Oscar moment?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE jon stewart!!! Love, love, love. Anyway, I think it was nice to not see the same people on stage over and over again like on some past shows. While I also like the pimp song, I though Dolly Parton rocked the house. She was having fun and it showed. But has she always been that skinny? I could swear she used to fill out a tight skirt just as well as a tight top.

LilRed said...

My favorite moment was the banter between Lily Tomlin and Meryl Streep to introduce Robert Altman. Award shows are known for the ridiculously cheesy intros ... this one was excellently done.

DebbieDoesLife said...

I just watched Walk The Line yesterday and then watched her win and wondered Why? Not that she wasn't good but I didn't think she was Oscar Worthy.

I need to see Hustle and Flow.

Anonymous said...

I watched Walk the Line last night and then turned on the awards, I love Reese and thought she did an excellent job! M loves that song It's Hard out here for a pimp, so he was excited they sang that last night!

Scott said...

The copy editor in me cannot resist...

It's "Whoopi" with an "i". ;)

And I'm just tweaked that that "March of the Penguins" won for best doc. Gag.

And while I'm being snarky, what was up with Charlize Theron's '60s-era beehive 'do and side-impact airbag dress?!?

Anonymous said...

I can't remember the name of the girl from Memoires (sp?) of a Geisha, but I liked her dress best.

Anonymous said...

hello birthday sister!

loved jon stewart!

agree about felicity- she was the best actress.

I love hip hop too but, as hip hop goes, that was not a song i appreciate- not at all.

In George Clooneys speech, which was good, he seemed to be unaware that the film industry is more sexist that the senate..more backwards as 4% of the films made have female directors and 14% of the senate is female...who knew right?...maybe George will produce for a female director some day.

CISSY said...

Thanks all for the post-Oscar comments.

Scott -- you're off duty and so am I :)