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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Five things

So Wordgirl has a great post and I'm sort of just stealing her idea and using here with some modifications. Five "very personal" things about me instead of 10 things because I've got a list of way more than 10 things that have to be done around my house today.

1. I've just signed up for singing lessons. Those of you who know me well know I'm insecure as hell, and a comment from someone recently and a visit to the Karoake bar really has bugged me. I know I can sing. When I was younger I sang in a band, was active in musical theater and actually auditioned and won lead roles. I know it's my insecurities that make me sound like an out-of-tune piano when a mic is in front of me lately, so I've decided you can't live life in fear. I'm gonna overcome this. Music has always been important to me, so I'm taking singing lessons to build my confidence back up.

2. I think maybe I pissed off a friend, or just annoyed them. If so, I'm sorry. I miss you.

3. I don't like to eat eggs. Sometimes I do eat them for breakfast (this is on my mind because this is one of those mornings when hubby wants the traditional breakfast fare.) A good breakfast to me is bread, cheese and some grapes. I've even been known to eat a turkey sandwich. Anything but eggs. I don't really like pizza either. Maybe the egg thing comes from my vegetarian days. I call them my "Mother Earth" days when I was in my teens and early 20s. I grew my own veggies, didn't eat meat and knew a lot of people who lived together on "hippie hill."

4. My home office currently looks like a bomb went off. Stacks of files everywhere. I need to organize, but that means that I'd actually have to throw stuff out and I know I'm going to need it soon.

5. I've been married twice. The first time I was 17. That's right 17. Right before my senior year. I ran off, got married, moved from Abernathy, Texas to Sidney, MT and finished high school as a married person. I got married because it was a way out of my parent's very strict house. And I got married because that's what Baptist kids do when they want to have sex. Regrets. Some, but I got three kids from my first marriage. The last one, I consider my own child. I found out I was pregnant two weeks after I filed for divorce. Ugly divorce. When I met my current husband, the very last thing I ever wanted was to be married again. I hated marriage, and I had three children. But he was persistent...and cute. He adopted the kids. He is the only dad they know. We're celebrating our 21st wedding anniversary April 2. I love marriage.

That's it. More than you ever wanted to know about me.

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DebbieDoesLife said...

Don't like pizza? Don't like eggs? Now that's plain weird.