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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Puppies and dogs

We've had a cat for almost nine years now. I was never a cat person, but I got used to it, and now -- don't tell anyone -- sort of love the hairy thing.

But my daughter and her husband just got her husband's dog from his family in Texas. It's a blue heeler mix, ugly thing and huge. I love it. Then my daughter got a little puppy, tiny pomeranian. I love it, too.

The dogs have the run of the house when they come visit -- well, except the puppy --named Titus, and whom I call Master P -- who is limited to noncarpeted areas because he pees every five minutes. The cat has adjusted very well, doesn't like it, but she's adjusted.

So last night we volunteer to babysit while my daughter and her husband are at work. Big dog has been very good about not jumping over the fence. But last night while I was trying to rescue little puppy from the Rose bush that he insists on getting into every time we go out in the yard, big dog jumped over the fence and took off chasing a cat.

We looked for that dog for hours. I was blubbering by the time my daughter got home from work. We looked some more and finally gave up. Then we heard something at the door and we went outside. Silly dog was taking off again until he saw us, and then he ran back. It was nearly midnight, by that point. He was stinking to high heaven and his leg, which he just had surgery on two weeks ago, was hurting him and he was limping. But he looked like he had had a very fun time. Dang dog.

I don't think we'll be babysitting the dogs tonight. Too much stress. I love our cat a little more today. But the dogs can still come visit, as long as my daughter is there.

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