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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I watch too much television

Fat Tuesday, (yesterday) we got together with friends (I think I managed to not cough on anyone). It was hysterically fun listening to everyone's opinion on McDreamy (OK - you Grey's Anatomy fans know what I'm talking about). I think it was decided the plastic surgeon whom his wife had an affair with should be called McSteamy.

Hubby was for a bit the only male in the crowd and he was quite bored by the whole thing. But hey, he got to drink beer and have a designated driver so it wasn't so bad.

But I felt a little guilty today because my venture out into the real world caused me to relapse and I've been hacking and coughing all day, so we skipped Ash Wednesday service.

Does anyone really give stuff up for Lent anymore? I should give up television -- really I should. But dang it, they invented TiVo.

Anyway, in our Fat Tuesday haze, I think we've all committed to going down to Fort Worth on April 1 and listening to Willie sing at Billy Bob's. Sound like trouble brewing already, last time we were there we got to see an actual bar room brawl, which was pretty cool since we weren't involved in the fight.

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