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Friday, March 10, 2006

Just some gripes

Ok - by now we all know that I'm addicted to reality television. So no apologies. But I'm gonna gripe about those shows this week:

First, Survivor -- Is it just me or does it seem convenient the past few seasons that producers change the rules when it looks like one person's demise is imminent. Case in point -- Stacy this week.
Second, the guy Shane on Survivor -- I thought these people went through some background checks. Don't know if this guy is really psycho or just appears to be.
Third, American Idol -- What the h&(*&^? Why is the Chicken Little boy still on? He's just disturbing.
Fourth, shut up Paula and Randy -- Simon might give you guys a dirty look sometimes, but he lets you TALK. Let Simon start in and the two gushers say, "No, that's not right." Whatever. At least the man is listening.

And lastly, Simon doesn't get off scott free either. Comments about song selection, voice, even the overall look is ok. But mean things like, "You could single-handedly kill the music video industry," are just not needed.

And an observation -- is it just me or is there some firey chemistry between Mr. Seacreast(yes, I probably misspelled this) and Simon?

So, I had a hectic, not really bad, but just annoying week at work, and I'm taking it out on people who don't really matter in my life (nor I in theirs). But what about fellow reality I wrong here?

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