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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Monday sports round-up

Be still my beating heart – I’m in the hunt for the “perfect” job, and I’m leaning toward sports. So when an ad for a sports writer for a women’s sport foundation caught my eye, I got very excited. “This is it!” I thought. Then I read the ad. The position – in the not-so-low cost of living New York state – was actually an internship with the top pay of $800 a month. I think a cardboard box might cost more than that per month to rent there, so it’s back to the search.

Baseball(s) – I’m sure Sherrie is quite excited about the Cards this week. This is the month baseball really gets good. Pay attention all.

When we picked up a box of “stuff” that belonged to my husband from his mother’s house when she was moving into the assisted living facility, he wanted to toss most of it. Being the pack rat and sentimental fool that I am, I went through it piece by piece and saved things like his old Boy Scout cap and a baseball. The baseball was dirty and looked like it had been used by some kid with sticky fingers. But it had autographs on it. 1967 – Houston Astros team. I’ve hung on to the ball and it sits on the shelf next to my prized autographed photo of Stan “The Man” Musial. This weekend an old baseball fan was over at our house and identified each player, among them several hall of famers. My husband was glad I didn’t throw the ball out.

NBA – I managed to grab some tickets for the Hornets season opener against the Mavericks. Nosebleed. It will still be fun.

Football – Go Cowboys! It’s good to see them playing a little better. And how about them Missouri Tigers? 5-0 for the first time in 25 years?! Ranked nationally in some polls. Holy cow. We’re zooming up to Faurot Field in late October to cheer the Tigers on to victory against the OKLAHOMA SOONERS. Go Mizzou!

Sports fact of the week:

Who’s Joe Carter? I hear that a lot when we drive along the east side of the Bricktown Ball Park on Joe Carter Drive . To the West is Mickey Mantle Ave. , and no one – ok some folks do -- asks “Who’s Mickey Mantle?” Joe Carter played for first for the Chicago Cubs, did better (one of the top home run hitters of all time) with the Cleveland Indians. He was traded again to the Padres and then the Blue Jays. He led the Blue Jays to World Series victories in 1992 and won the series in the ninth inning against Philly (which was leading 6-5) with a 3-run homer in 1993. He retired in 1998. Now, you know who Joe Carter is, though I probably should check some of my facts etc. Some hip-hop guy even mentions him in a song.


Sherrie said...

I'm not nearly as excited as the Twinkies fan in the household. He's thrilled. It was like watching a 12-year-old boy last Sunday afternoon, as it became apparent the Royals were going to win, the Tigers were going to lose, and the Twins were going to clinch.

As a fatalistic fan (from years of hockey and the Blues, then baseball in 1985, 1987, 1994, and 2005), I'm realistic. Grateful we're even in the playoffs, and pretty darn sure we're going out in the first round.

Meanwhile, the Cubbies fan in the household is in denial. : )

CISSY said...

Omigosh. I loved Minnesota's fanatic fans. When we were there and the Twins were playing, I kid you not, you could find the game on almost EVERY radio station. And eveywhere you went, the game was on. I loved it.