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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I need at least five more hours a day, please

Work on all fronts continues to be busy. And socially things are just as busy, which is good, but hard to fit in everything and everyone.

Tomorrow night for example. I have a "mixer" I'm expected to attend, and then I have to go judge a costume contest at another event. Fun, but somewhere in there, I need to get home, go to the gym etc. Aagh.

Don't get me wrong, Friends are great. I love having friends, and a social life. It's just that the holidays are coming too fast. We have two costume parties to attend, volunteering at the Zoo and a "ball -- yes, really, a ball -- to attend next week.

So pardon me if I'm not blogging so much these days.

And, I have so much to say! Baseball, baseball, baseball. Go Cards!

I had so many other things to say, and now I can't remember them. So I'll start writing them during "breaks" and get them in. Promise.

Til tomorrow.

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