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Friday, October 06, 2006

TiVo -- television’s evil twin

So, I finally succumbed to the pleadings of hubby, who was extremely worried he was going to miss one single football game, and reinstated our satellite TV -- as I had promised at the start of summer.

It’s back, along with TiVo, and my ass is firmly planted on the couch after dinner and after the gym, because TiVo does give you the impression that you can actually HAVE a life and still watch television. It’s just an impression.

Pretty soon, the lines of my own life will be blurred with the lives of Bree, Susan and the girls (who I’ve decided to give a second chance too) and Meredith, McDreamy and the bunch at Seattle Grace. TiVo is evil.

But in the hopes that people will believe I do have a life, here’s a few more things on my mind:

Twins – Two down, not good. Keep the hope.

MU Tigers – I’m so dang nervous about Saturday’s game, you’d think I was playing in it. Undefeated – 5-0. But I know heartbreak is only a game away. You’ve broken my heart before.

Bedlam – Go Texas !

Pink Zone Sports – really this blog/podcast will be up and running soon. Really, I swear. Sherri, I'll be calling you this weekend so we can "talk" about baseball. I'll post it Monday as the first podcast.

Fish – Our friends when they moved allowed us to adopt their fish -- 14 in all. We accidentally killed three when we “cleaned” the tank a few weeks ago. A floater was found this morning – cause of death, unknown. However, apparently we’re keeping the lights dimmed too often. This fish are breeding like guppies, which they are not. We now have approximately seven babies (fry) of varying sizes.

Nephew – We have a new one. 8 lbs.12 oz. Gorgeous kiddo, lots of hair big eyes (haven't figured out the color yet.) Still - ouch.

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