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Friday, October 13, 2006


1. A news report this week warned that Americans were too busy "multi-tasking" to get as much accomplished as well as it should be. Probably so. I'm tired of multi-tasking. But I don't see it ending soon.

2. At a recent conference a few of us noticed someone had stuck their gum on the chair rail in a conference room. Today, walking down the hall of the very tastefully decorated hallway outside the provost offices at the College of Medicine, I saw a wad of chewed gum stuck on the wall. I don't think I know anyone who would do such a thing. Who DOES that? What sort of upbringing, lack of social graces does one have to have to think it's ok to stick gum from your mouth on a wall?

3. Is it just me or is there a rule about the bigger your SUV, the more pro-Bush bumper stickers you have on your car?

4. Does anyone really think that Ney was/is the only one in Washington taking any money?

5. The writing on Grey's Anatomy is as good if not better than last season.I'm impressed, usually there's a downward slide.

6. Missouri Tigers vs. A&M. I'm headed to Texas tomorrow, but unfortunately not to the game. We will be watching on the game on t.v. in a room full of "I'll cheer for anything and anyone out of Texas, and that's by the way, how Dubyah got elected even though most Texans generally think he's a putz," people.


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Gina said...

The person who stuck the gum to the wall probably complains about other people being rude. So much for personal responsibility...

Anonymous said...

Re: Pro-Bush stickers on SUVs. I wonder about those people who still have the "W" on their cars. That's like riding around with a "Go, Enron!" sticker.