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Friday, September 29, 2006


It's raining babies in my world right now. One of my daughter's best friends had a baby girl this week. Cutie. My sis is due any day now. Gender is still under wraps. How fun. And then there's KK, who's threatening to name her child some unpronounceable Greek name.

S has suggested that we throw a baby shower in Vegas, complete with strippers in pink and blue diapers. K has suggested a cocktail party to name the little tyke.

Both sound like worthy endeavors. Of course, we'll have to schedule the Vegas bash earlier than normal because most airlines won't risk KK going into labor en route. With this group, tradition just doesn't seem to fit. So a shower in Vegas definitely has merit. So how about KK? Vegas?

I wonder if they'll strip to a certain Hall and Oates song...?

1 comment:

Melessa said...

Don't worry, I was a Classics major. I'll help you out with pronounciation.