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Friday, September 22, 2006

Speed Blog

Now that we've already ascertained that I have no time for anything fun since I'm working my way down the "to do" or "I will" list, I'll speed blog on topics on my mind:

1. Dang. Get over it Sooner fans. It was a blown call. We, Missouri fans, have had to live with the fifth down for a long time now. Replay might have made a difference, maybe not. But Oklahoma has a lot more pressing issues like ranking 46th in the country in healthcare, and just as low in some aspects of our public education. There are more important things in life than a football game. Really.

2. That said, I'm more than just a little bugged about the "Friday Night Lights" preview. Looks like t.v. is taking an edgy novel that dealt with the nuances of a city divided by economic and racial factors as well as football loyalties and turning it into another "teen" show. I lived in the Odessa the book describes. For better or worse, it was real. Read the book, skip the t.v. show.

3. Ernest Istook's new campaign jingle is nothing more than a racist's attempt at humor. Gov. Henry's going to kill him in the upcoming election and the former journalist turned politician (James Istook for those of you who remember) is going to be out of Washington and out of politics. Good riddance.

4. Tomorrow is the Okie Blogger Round-up. I plan to be there to learn all about how to make my blog prettier etc. And find Diva and Tater and all the other regulars for Margaritas at Pearl's. Ah, yes. Nerds unite :)

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