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Monday, September 25, 2006

Weekend "Round-up"

The weekend seems so long ago now,(I'll explain that in a little while) but it was fun.

Saturday -- Blogger Round-up. So, the hotel was not exactly up to par, but the sessions were great and it was FUN meeting people whose blogs I read and who read mine.

Redneck Diva and her sis, Tater, are beautiful, nice, funny women. It was great to see them interact -- you can tell they genuninely like one another.

Melessa from I digress -- another beautiful, talented, wonderfully witty person was there as was Babs from Conversation Station.

And, truthfully, there were some "interesting" other people who are not necessarily someone that I would befriend, but it was still interesting to see the common thread that all this diverse group of people have in common.

Sunday -- Bonnie Raitt! Amazing. Terrific. Fun. The evening at the Bonnie Raitt concert with opening act, Keb Mo was perfect.

Today -- Rough day. We came home yesterday to find my daughter's little dog Titus, a golden pom, was sick. We called the vet, who suggested some things and said bring him in today. He was already scheduled to go in for another booster this week.

Unfortunately, it was too late. The little guy had parvo. He died today. The virus moves fast, and the vet assured us that even if he had already had he booster he still could have gotten sick because nothing is foolproof, especially for puppies.

So I tried to make my daughter feel better. She blames herself for being a couple of weeks late on the booster. The vet was kind and said Titus likely was infected before then, and he still would have gotten sick.

Our cat, Marley, who had a contentious relationship with Titus, has been crying most of the afternoon. Rough day.


Melessa said...

Oh! I am so sorry about Titus. I love poms. As a child we had 2 pomapoos and I remember their father Sundance and what a sweet dog he was. Tell your daughter I feel for her. It's always rough to lose a pet.

Redneck Diva said...

(I left a comment yesterday, but Blogger ate it.)

I'm so sorry about the puppy! We lost a dog when I was pregnant with Abby and we still miss her. I never dreamed we'd get that attached to an animal. Funny how they get into your heart.

Gina said...

Oh, no. I'm sorry about Titus. It's hard, I know. Our beloved Becky Beagle died in 2000, and we still miss her. She was with us from 6 weeks old to 13 years, and she really worked her way into our hearts and lives.

Babs said...

It was great meeting you. I'm so sorry you had to return home to such sadness. It is so difficult to lose those faithful companions.

CISSY said...

Thank you all so much. It's been a sad week. I know the little dog annoyed me sometimes, but it was very sad to not have it come up and bark until I gave him a pat.