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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The world has gone mad

1. Jerry Springer on a (sur)reality television show? least it's more "real" than his other show.

2. Monday Night Football on ESPN. That just plain blows. What happens if I don't want to subscribe to ESPN? Or what about the millions of fans who can't afford cable? I'll watch it, but I'll gripe the whole time. It just isn't right.

3. ER versus Grey's Anatomy -- those Network execs suck. You know one of these shows with a great cast and great writers is going to flounder. Thank Goodness for TiVO.

4. I was shopping the other day and spied a "cute" shirt that I thought would work well at the gym. As I reached for it, I realized it had a Sooners logo. I pulled my hand back as if it were a rattlesnake ready to strike. Omigod. I'm not a Sooner fan. I'm not a Sooner fan. It's time to move.


Kim R. said...

Grey's Anatomy. No question. ER is so, uh, 1995? If Clooney were still on and competing against McDreamy, then it would be another story.

CISSY said...

Ick. I don't find cheaters attractive. I call him McCreepy

Scott said...

You should have bought the T-shirt. Consider it Oklahoma camouflage. ;)

Kim R. said...

To clarify. Cheating = bad.
Der/Mer drama in general = bad.
ER since Dr. Greene died = bad. Looking at Patrick Dempsey every week = good.

Redneck Diva said...

I watched ER up until this last season and for some reason it just stopped doing it for me. I watched the first season of Grey's Anatomy and just lost interest this last season. I agree, though - whoever put those two against each other better stay out of dark alleys.

I, personally, am awaiting the premieres of LOST and Deal or No Deal. I can hardly wait!

CISSY said...

Scott -- Okie camo, now that's funny.

Kimmy: OK, I concede. Clooney added a lot to ER. I still like the show though, and still don't like Patrick Dempsey.

Diva: Lost -- looks interesting. We gave up cable, and t.v. for most of the summer, so it will be weird to go back to watching it. We actually FORGOT about the season premier of Survivor.

Gina said...

C.: I promise I'm more behind than you when it comes to the new TV season. I haven't watched network television in many months, and I haven't had cable since college. I've heard some buzz about the new season of Survivor but haven't seen the show and probably won't. I've never seen Deal or No Deal. If I ever get around to watching Grey's Anatomy or Lost, it'll be on DVD.