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Thursday, September 14, 2006

The last best Governor Texas ever had

I was covering the presidential campaign in early 2004 before the Oklahoma primary. The crowd of Democratic presidential hopefuls were running into the state at every chance. On one particular day, I had to drive to Tulsa to cover yet another round of speeches.

Ann Richards was among the speakers, stumping for one of the candidates. We were in the curtained off area behind the stage. She comes over and I conduct my interview, then I did something that was totally out of character for me. I asked my photographer to take a photo of me with Governor Richards. Of all the politicians and other "famous" people I've ever interviewed, I'd never done that. I'd never stepped out of my professional persona to ask for a photo. But I did this time, and I'm glad. The photo of myself with Ann Richards is one I'm proud of. (I'll get it scanned and post.) She's always been my hero.

I think we're going to wait a long time before Texas has as colorful and as geniunely dedicated a governor as Ann Richards, unless Friedman actually gets elected.

She's probably up in heaven, riding her Harley and putting the good ol' boys in their place. She's been missed in Texas for some time. This just leaves a bigger hole.

I'll be flying my Texas flag in front of my Oklahoma house in her honor today.

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