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Saturday, November 26, 2005

White lights and promises

I watched with amusement yesterday as my daughter and husband turned the front of our house into a winter wonderland -- with white lights and lighted deer. They are doing more work outside today. It's an unofficial competition. The folks across the street are lit up like a forest fire, and somehow hubby and Daughter #2 took it as a challenge. So far I think they've spent about $100. Ah, Christmas in America.

I was cranky yesterday, and this morning I feel guilty for being so cranky. I was so cranky, I was uninvited to help with the aforementioned project, so I sat inside and read. I have an excuse - really. My arthritis was hurting so bad -- it does -- don't laugh -- everytime the weather changes (turns cold.) I'm moving to Florida this coming year or California...In the meantime, I promise I won't be so cranky again.

Christmas cards. I can understand why people get the "holiday blues." Just digging out the Christmas cards and going through the stack of old cards (yes, I keep them) and addressing them is sometimes sad. I look at changes. This friend got married. This friend got divorced. This family member died. This 'little kid' who's parents we used to party way before they were born, just graduated -- from college.

But the good news -- our Christmas card list has grown. That just means we have more people in our lives who are important.


wordgirl said...

Christmas card rule: You gotta send 'em to get 'em. But once it's done, the days when you get three or four at a time (with pictures) are great.

CISSY said...

Yep. We quit sending them a few years ago, and I missed them. Sounds corny since no one hardly writes anymore, except my friend, Gina, who writes absolutely beautiful letters though not often enough.

I read your site. I too am a magazine ho -- stacks of the "too precious to throw out" ones sit on my bedroom floor. My husband periodically picks them up and says, "I'm throwing these out." Two rules: No. And particularly not if it's Texas Monthly, which I subscribe to and aboslutely adore. I read Sports Illustrated cover to cover too.

Gina said...

C., it's funny that you mentioned my letters. I just finished one, and I'm working on another one!