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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Snobs suck

So, we just went to a car show and chili cook-off at Northgate Mall. We decided to hit a restaurant next door right after.

As we pull in and are leaving our car. We see none other than hubby's brother -- yes, the one who lives in D.C. His only brother.

We wave and hubby goes over to say hello. The general's wife calls him back to the car, she half-heartedly waves and makes a big to-do about how busy they are. Hey, we're there to have a lunch by ourselves, but you know you see relatives you say hello. At least most people do. Well, about that time a whole bunch of her relatives and friends that we met Thursday night walk of the restaurant. They all say hi, and "why didn't you join us earlier." So how do you say, "uh, I thought my brother had already left town?"

It was embarrassing. Their treatment of my husband was embarrassing. What the hell?! We're decent law-abiding citizens. We go to church. We are educated. Why does having a little more money that someone -- even a relative -- make you so much better? So hubby's brother shook his hand and said bye and dismissed us as if we were mere acquaintances.

We sat down to lunch and neither one of us said anyhing for a long time. I think we were both sorting out our feelings. I was angry. He was hurt. Damn those people. Damn 'em to hell.


~Lil Nance ;> said...

Thats not a fun situation to run into... I don't care for people that think they are better than everyone else... it makes me sad...

Hope things work out better "family" wise in the future!

Gina said...

You and Ray are much, much classier than those people will ever be!

CISSY said...

Thanks guys. I was venting. Tough to take rejection from family.